Tackling the High Ropes

It’s no ‘Go Ape’, which is somewhat surprising given the number of trees in Finland, but the High Ropes course at Basecamp Oulanka provides enough height and challenge for a group of friends to have a laugh at and with each other or even co-workers to get competitive and do some team building.



Starting on the lower route gets you used to walking on the rope; building confidence in your own ability..or falling off and realising the safety harness works ;)..whilst learning the techniques that will be needed to get round the higher route.

and if you need to cheat slightly, like me :), there’s always the top rope to hold onto as you make your way across..



Even if, or especially if, you’re scared of heights (as I am!) this little course is a great chance to put yourself out of your comfort zone without the pressure of holding up people following on behind, as can happen at bigger and busier courses. It’s also a great laugh when you’re with friends so easy to forget any nerves.

The view’s not bad from up there either!